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Second Call Defense

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You've taken the first step in protecting
your family by owning a firearm.
Now, take the second step
in case you have to use it! 

You have the right to defend yourself and your loved ones. But the moment you pull the trigger, you're at risk for devastating legal and financial consequences. You can be arrested, jailed, sued, fired, bankrupted, even when you have legally and justifiably used a gun in self defense.

Why take that risk?

As a Second Call Defense member, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have immediate and comprehensive legal and financial protection at your fingertips the very moment you pull the trigger.

If you use a firearm in self defense, your first call should be to 9-1-1 to request an ambulance and law enforcement. 

Your second call should be to SECOND CALL DEFENSE!

Next to the gun you carry, nothing will protect you better than
Second Call Defense

Select the level of coverage for you and your family and click JOIN.
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Enter 20285 for the Recruiter ID NUMBER

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